What Is A Live Dealer Casino?

If you’re new to the world of online gambling and casino’s, you might not know what a live dealer casino exactly is. That’s okay, because we’ll explain!

Why we love it

Until recent years you had to go to an actual casino if you wanted to play blackjack, poker or roulette. It’s hard to beat a land-based casino’s ambiance, but it’s also nice to play a game of blackjack from the comfort of your couch. Imagine: it’s a Friday night, you’re tired from the week, a cold beer. Sounds nice, right?

Oline casinos have high costs involved to get a live casino up and running. That’s why there aren’t too many live dealer casinos today. Because of the large investment casinos have to make, you can be sure that they are offering a safe and reliable experience. The technology for live games has become so advanced that you’ll actually enjoy the game as much as you were in real-life. You can communicate with the other players, ask questions to the dealer, it’s a very interactive experience!

The technical side of things

In a live dealer casino you can play games like blackjack or poker while interacting with others. This system works with so called optical character recognition (OCR). It’s a complicated process to explain, but basically every card-move is tracked by a chip. The updates are then quickly visible on your screen. Most online live dealer casinos use the same system. It sometimes will look a little different thanks to visuals and design.

Behind the scenes

Other than a big computerized system backing up each live dealer casino, there is more going on behind  the scenes. The live dealers are actual people. Usually they do this work in studios especially designed for this purpose. There are many live dealer casinos nowadays, so these rooms can look slightly different per casino. To get a good set up, rooms are often dedicated to one game only. To block out the distractions and noise. So what you’ll see if you walk into one of those rooms is the game tables, OCR equipment, live dealers (hello!) and several cameras.

Feels safe

One of the biggest advantages of playing a game of poker in a live dealer casino in comparison to a real-life game is the feeling of safety. That’s for the reason that there will always be camera footage of every move that has been made on your table. That’s in contrary to what happens in a ‘real’ land-based casino. Although there are many camera’s there too, experience has shown that it often doesn’t have footage of specific tables. So although you might feel that you have less control over what happens at a game online versus in real life, that might not actually be the case. This idea of being able to take a screenshot if something questionable happens, so you can file a complaint gives players a sense of control. Other reasons why live dealer casinos have become so popular is the fun social interaction. These games are really made to revolve around the people you play with. Ofcourse next to the winning part of it! Customer support in live dealer casinos is strong, so if you need any assistance you can reach them easily.