History online gambling

Since the mid 90’s, new online casinos have been popping up on the internet by the minute. The internet revolution has brought about a lot of things, for example making online gambling more accessible than ever. You might be curious how all of this started. So to give you some more background information, in this article you’ll read about the history of online gambling. It’s interesting to understand how something like online gambling has evolved so much in 10 years.


Before you could play at an british casino online, we all played casino games in brick and mortar places. Gambling has undergone quite a revolution since it came into existence. History shows that people were gambling from as early as 100 A.D. (that’s a long time ago!). It began with simple games that revolving around rolling a dice, horse race betting and other such games. Especially sports and animal races have been a longtime tradition. From then onwards much has happened. Especially in the 21st century, when internet came around the corner and people had the bright idea start launching online casinos. The absolute pioneer when it comes to making online gambling big is software developer Microgaming. Over the years, they’ve created over 800 games, everything from slots to different versions of poker and live dealer games. They started creating games in about 1995 and haven’t stopped since. Ofcourse the first online games were nothing like they are today. Executed in a very simple way with plain graphics, they don’t look anything like the sleek designed slots we see today. After Microgaming showed up on the market, it didn’t take long until NetEnt made its appearance. This developer from Sweden has proofed itself to be a very worthy competitor.  When we look at online gambling over the years, it’s shocking to see how much has changed. Prizes have increased a lot, the amount of different video slots seems limitless and innovations pop up by the minute. The record jackpot in online gambling was won in 2015. The winner from the UK won a prize of  £13,213,838.68. It generated huge publicity, because a prize like this has never been won online. Experts say we’ll be seeing prizes like this more and more. We look forward to it!

The turnaround

In the early 2000’s online casinos and online gambling already had a strong presence. But it was not until 2012 that there was a real tipping point. This is where online gambling became mainstream. Maybe we can explain ‘mainstream’ in this context that most people know what online gambling is and that it exists. So online gambling no longer was something that just people interested in it knew about. I guess that’s when you can call it mainstream.  But ofcourse there are were also facts that proof that online gambling has become mainstream. The revenue of online casinos kept increasing and so did the winnings and account sign ups. What started out as just a few games online with basic graphics, now has become a massive empire, with a presence that goes beyond our understanding. In 2018 the world of online casinos continues to grow. New games are created daily and technology advances continiously. For example the technlogy that made live dealer casinos possible.

How to choose an online casino to play

Because there are so many online casinos to choose from, you might feel overwhelmed in deciding where to create an account, deposit your money and play. So first you have to do your research and ask yourself what you want to get out of playing. Not all casinos will have your favourite games in their assortment. So first get clear what slots or casino games you want to play before you sign up. This way you can make a selection of the casino’s that offer your favourite games. Each casino player will have their own point of view what makes a good casino, so don’t blindly take on advice from other players. If you love playing modern video slots, but your friend is more of a player interested in table games, you both will have different casino needs. In terms of what casinos offer their players as a welcome bonus, there is a big difference too. The most important point to take from this is that you should first and foremost identify your own preference. From here, you can judge what casinos offer the best deals for YOU.