Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games and that is for good reason. This casino classic also goes by the name of twenty-one. The reason that it has been given this name is because the main purpose of the game is getting a combination of cards that is closest to the value of 21. But tricky part: it has to be UNDER the value of 21. If you cross it, you lose or in blackjack terms: you bust. In blackjack you’ll find several people playing on the same table. They don’t compete with each other however, but with the dealer. Blackjack has some very straight forward rules. The number cards have the same value as the number. The picture cards all equal 10. This way you can easily calculate which combinations are most valuable. Because the main rule is: get closest to the number 21 without getting over it.

Memorize the basics

Blackjack isn’t a complicated game, you just have to be able to count and master some basic mathematic skills. Like I mentioned above, the only important rule to know when playing blackjack is that you should not exceed the number 21. Ofcourse there are some other things to know too, primarily which move to make and when. So when I say ‘memorize the basics’, I mean that you should know which move to make and when. Here are the important basics to remember:

Double down:

when you double down in Blackjack, it means that you double your bet and receive one more card.

Split your hand:

if you have 2 sets of bets that could work well, like a pair of two’s or a pair of fours, you can play these as separate bets.


not every (online) casino allows this. But if they do, it means that when you have a bad hand you can just ‘quit’ the game entirely. This way you can save your bet. Or at least half of it.

Pick the right game

Nowadays there are many different blackjack variants to choose from. The reason you should do your research about which game to play, is that each of them as a different house edge. If you haven’t heard of that word before, the house edge is the built in advantage of the casino. The lower the house edge % is, the better it is for you, the player. Before you start playing a game of blackjack at a casino, check this percentage. Some good ones have a house edge of between 1% and 2%.

Blackjack strategies

Blackjack is one of those games that is part skill and part luck. If you’re good at math, you’re likely to be able to make some nice money playing blackjack. When it comes to Blackjack strategies, people have different opinions. But to keep it very brief in honest, there is no betting system that guarantees you to win. Card counting and basic strategy however can help increase the odds. The basic strategy comes with a chart, which you can keep with you while you play. You can easily download one of these charts online. It’s recommended though that prior playing, you have a thorough look at the chart to understand its working.